Welcome to the Barber Shop, Lymm

Traditional English Barbers, based in the picturesque village of Lymm in the North West of England and a member of the British Master Barbers Alliance. This fine purveyor of hairstyling is of the upmost quality and held in the high-regard of the multitudes that frequent the establishment. Gentlemen & Scoundrels welcome, no appointments and no disappointments. Feel free to call in if you’re passing or contact us via the telephone if you would like more information.

Only Real Men go to Barber Shops

  • No Appointment Needed

  • Loyalty Card System

  • Traditional and Contemporary Styles

  • Hot Towel Shaves

  • Beard trimming & shaping

  • Open Razor Shaving

Craig Griffin

“A few years ago I set out on a dream, to have a little barber shop in a village, turn up on my motorbike, cut hair, drink espresso and get to know my customers. Have a place where they felt they could drop by not just for a hair cut but a coffee and a chat.

Today I stood outside my shop, looked up and realised it had happened…”

The Barber Shop Lymm is more than just a place to go for a ‘short back and sides’ it has now become an integral part of the community. Craig and his team are not only creating styles and trends for the villagers, they are also an active part of the Lymm collective. The Barber Shop Lymm has become a place to unwind while you spruce up your image, chatting with friends, drinking coffee (or tea) and laughing.